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  1. H-3/H-5 Hydrogen Generator

    H-3/H-5 high purity hydrogen generators are based on the technology of astronautic fuel cells, in which hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water, and the produced oxygen is released into the atmosphere. The hydrogen generator consists of electrolyzing/separating pool, power supply, pressure control, desiccation& purification, flow display etc...

  2. H-30/H-50 Hydrogen Generator

    The H-30 and H-50 have been designed to supply the highest purified hydrogen and it meets high levels of expectations in the demanding markets. The internal mechanisms that run this generator are integrated with the latest electrolytic cell technology, using stainless steel alloy as its hard body. The new ergonomic design and user-friendly interface have been modified for comfort and reliability for the consumer.

  3. N-3/N-5 Nitrogen Generator

    N-3/N-5 nitrogen gas generators utilize theories of physical adsorption and electrochemical seperation and use rare metal as catalytic agent. The N-3/N-5 Nitrogen Generator can directly extract highly pure (as high as 99.999%) nitrogen from the air. There is no need of deoxidation. The N-3/N-5 nitrogen generators are compact and advanced in technology. The N-3/N-5 Nitrogen Generator are very suitable for gas chromatographs and micro coulomb meters.

  4. A-Series Air Generator

    The A series air generators (A-2L, A-5L, A-10L and A-20L) use air pumps that feature low noise and large flow rate. The gas route system adopts two levels of pressure stabilizers and over-pressure protectors to improve the stability of gas flow and ensure the safety and reliability of the gas production.

  5. AH-3/AH-5 Combined Hydrogen and Air Generator

    Based on the Model-H high purity hydrogen generator and Model-A air generator, AH-series generator combines the two with great quality and user friendly design. It is a perfect combination of safety, convenience and reliability, featuring advanced technique and stable performance.

  6. AN-3/AN-5 Combined Nitrogen and Air Generator

    Model AN-3/AN-5 combined nitrogen and air generator is an organic combination of nitrogen generator and air generator. It generates high purity nitrogen and pure air simultaneously and has the same advantages as N-series nitrogen generator and A-series air generators. Suitable for Lab instruments such as GC, HPLC, GC-MS etc..

  7. ANH-3/ANH-5 Combined Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Air Generator

    ANH-3/ANH-5 combines nitrogen, hydrogen and air generators in one product. Developed with the latest technology and designed for the requirements of the market, ANH-3/ANH-5 combined Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Air generator offers the best quality and working conditions for the users.