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Precious Metals Applications
What elements can be tested?
For the precious metal industry, Skyray has developed many instruments that suite the different needs of the consumer. For the low-cost instruments, the spectrometers have the capacity to test gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium. For the higher end instruments, they have the capabilties of testing all the elements from Sulfur to Uranium.
How is the sample prepared before testing?
If you are dealing with jewelery, you can place the sample inside just as is. No sample preperation is required. If you are working with powders, a sample press which presses the powder into a pellet is required for the more accurate results.
How are you sure that the tests are accurate?
The calibration process of Skyray Instrument products is solely based off referencing samples. Which many referencing samples used in calibration that are certified, we can determine that the actuallity of the test is exacty and precise.