Latest Technology Advances
U200 Ultra High Resolution Detector
      Skyray Instrument is always on its toes with the technology and has brought numerous new technologies to the field. For example, the all new patented Ultra-High-Resolution-Detector (UHRD) X-ray Fluorescence Detection System. With this new detection system you can expect to get higher and more precise results than your typical liquid cooled SiLi Nitrogen cooled detectors.
Oxford Instruments X-Ray Tube
      Skyray Instrument recently began using one of the best X-Ray Tube in the market from Oxford Instruments This proven side window X-ray tube,currently in use for many industrial application and is well known for the highest quality and technology. It features an electron gun assembly packaged in a stainless steel lead-lined package which is filled with cooling oil that maximizes heat dissipation.
Spellman High Voltage Unit
      Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation is the world's leading independent manufacturer of dc high voltage power supplies and x-ray sources.Skyray Instruments now uses Spellman’s X-ray power supply due to Spellmans unbeatable quality and technology advances. The XRM High Voltage Unit incorporates local and remote programming, monitoring, safety interlock, short-circuit and overload protection.